Northern California Christian Arts - Redeeming the Arts for God's Glory
Feel the Rainbow
Where does your artistic talent fit with your beliefs. In the past few centries we have seen the arts thrown out of the church leaving many artist looking for affirmation and inspiration from the World. Now there are generation after generation letting the World and Cultere shape their art. We believe that the arts, in all forms, will be redeemed for God's glory. Beauty is always available.It is there to be attended to, and art is our human response to whatever we see as beautiful. It can be Strong, Shocking, Confusing, Boundary Breaking, Thrusting forward in experimental ways. The beauty that most often reflects the glory of our God who created us with the capacity for recognizing, responding, and receiving beauty comes through the work of artist. It is imperative, particularly for artist who call themselves Christian believers, to glorify God in their creative lives. 
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